Studio Fees

Group Classes 

Drop In


4 Classes


8 Classes


Private Pilates Session

30 minute Private Session


45 minute Private Session


55 minute Private Session


*Payment will be due the day you make and hold your appointments

Therapeutic Massage Pricing

30 minute Private Session


45 minute Private Session


60 minute Private Session


90 minute Private Session


Payment Options

Private Pilates Sessions or Group Classes

  • Cash, check (payable to Purely Pilates) or Apple Pay
  • Return check fee is $25 per transaction

Massage Therapy Sessions

  • Cash or Check (payable to Brenda Koveleski)
  • Return check fee is $25 per transaction

NO credit or debits cards are accepted at this time

Studio Policies

Prepay Group or Private

You will have 6 weeks to use your 4 prepaid private sessions or 4 group classes (12 weeks for package of 8) from the date of first session or class before they EXPIRE.
We understand situations can arise unexpectedly, please inform the studio before your sessions or classes expire. If the studio is not contacted before your prepaid package expires we will not be able to extend your package.

Cancellations, Missed Private Sessions or Group Classes

If you need to cancel, communication with the studio thru texting, voice mail or email 12 hours prior to your scheduled private session or class time to prevent being charged for the session or class.  Our studio keeps an on going cancellation list of clients trying to get an appointment.  If the studio is given the proper amount of time we usually can fill the vacancy.
If you missed/no show for the time you scheduled or the class you signed-up for will be an automatic charged.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

“As a dancer and actor who is no longer young, Pilates has helped me immeasurably. I have been engaging in Pilates for approximately 4 years, both group classes & individual private sessions. The private sessions with Tina has enhanced my awareness of how my body works. My hunches about my body have been affirmed by Tina’s observations and corrections. Now when I perform I am stronger, I have more confidence and I better balance. A few months ago I had tripped and fell. Usually individuals my age would have broken something. I did not. A few scraps and bruises. I feel deeply that it is because of my practice of Pilates I did not seriously hurt myself.”

~Sally, Jackson, MI