The Purely Pilates Experience

Tina –

This is Jennifer Curtis, Barb Hicks’ daughter. It was less than a year ago that I reached out to you to see if you were accepting new clients and whether you could work with my mom post-knee replacements. While it was a bit of a slow start for her to hit a stride in meeting with you and your team — what a difference a year has made! I have attached a picture of her at Machu Picchu last week. This is a trip that I am sure she would not have had the confidence to book a year ago — so, not only did she commit to the trip, all reports are that she has climbed and hiked for the past two weeks without a problem. I wanted to pass along a huge thank you to you and your colleagues — from my point of view, you have provided an incredible gift to my mother and big smiles to my siblings and me.
Thank you!

Jennifer Curtis

Ann S – Clarklake, MI

I am so thankful that I found Purely Pilates! I have taken Pilates for three years at other studios and never have I had an instructor concentrate on my needs like Tina does!  She is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her and her studio.

David – Jackson, MI

Practicing the Pilates method with Tina has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body. Starting about 25 years ago, when I was working as a cook, I would have bad lower-back incidents once or twice a year or so, usually for no apparent reason, whether my job was standing on my feet or sitting at a computer, whether or not I was getting regular exercise and staying in shape. I meant Tina about 3 years ago and been practicing Pilates regularly since, and not only am I getting stronger but gaining a better understanding of my body and my own individual history of injuries, trouble spots, and quirks. At 47, I have a much happier back than I did at 27.

Bob R – Jackson, MI

I started about a year ago taking the Pilates stretch class on Monday nights on the recommendation from my sister-in-law.  Everyone thought I had back problems because I walked crooked all the time.  After about two sessions my hips stretched out and I walk pretty much upright (compared to hutch over).  My golf swing is much easier now.  It is the best thing I’ve done for myself.

~Mary Ellen H, Columbus, OH

“When I first began to work with Tina, I had issues with vertigo and with frequent lower back pain. I was not an athlete and I often did not know where my body was in space. Tina, first and foremost, is a very good teacher. She uses good verbal instruction combined with modelling postures and movements. She has taught me how to walk properly, how to sit properly and how to stretch my muscles to foster smooth movement. My vertigo is gone. My back pain is gone. My feet are no longer callused and my knees do not hurt. Even in my 60s, I can learn how to move with better balance and more fluid movement. I highly recommend Purely Pilates to anyone who wishes to improve balance and movement.”

~Dick Burgess, Jackson, MI

“My Doctor had suggested Pilates to help strengthen my lower back. This is when I found Tina, 8 years ago. I have to say, I was skeptical at first, it was a whole new way of exercising for me. I am in my 80’s and have 2 artificial knees, an ankle that Orthopedic doctors told me could only be cured by surgery and wearing an ankle brace whenever I golfed or did any walking, a sore shoulder that required cortisone shots. In less than a year of biweekly private sessions with Tina, my back is stronger & totally unexpected my shoulder is healed (no more shots) & my $1200 ankle brace is no longer needed (I have no more ankle pain). For this to happen to me at my age when most physical defects only get worse I thank God & Tina.”

~Kevin Deer, Jackson, MI

“I have been seeing Tina several months now. I came to her after suffering through many years of back pain from herniated and bulging disk as well asFybro Myalgia. I have been to many Physical Therapist’s spending weeks going through the same routine & in the end I discovered that I was no better off than when I began.
Tired of going through the same routine of doctors and therapy visits with no relief to the debilitating pain that has plagued me for over ten years now. I decided to see what Purely Pilates Studio had to offer. I explained to Tina my situation and my skepticism. After just a few sessions with her I started to notice a difference. I was stronger & the pain (though still there) was not overpowering my body and my dependence of pain pills became less and less.
I feel better today than I have felt in over ten years and it is thanks to Tina at Purely Pilates that my days of pain are more tolerable and my days of being immobile seem to be over.
I can’t say where I would be today without Tina and I am thankful to her for giving me back my ability to live.
Thank You So Much!”

~Lynae Arehart, Program Assistant Fitness Council of Jackson

Tina, thank you to you and Stephanie for a wonderful demo! I found the demo to be interesting, informative, interactive and fun (with many personal, one-on-one touches!). I loved the fact that you gave us a clear understanding of Pilates and Yoga to use as a foundation and then incorporated the functional training aspect. This helped us realize that Pilates and Yoga are truly a “way of life” and not just another exercise routine. It was terrific! Thanks again for your time and for supporting the Fitness Council of Jackson and our efforts.

~Stephanie Manor, Jackson, MI

“I began my Pilates journey in June of 2008 & met Tina later that summer. I remember how challenging her class was for me, and thinking after that I wanted to be able to perform and hold all the poses as seemingly effortlessly as she did. Tina’s classes have never really gotten “easier” because as soon as we master one pose, she comes up with something more challenging to help push us to the next level. Over the past four years, I have come to appreciate a challenging class. For one hour, all focus goes into what we are doing in class. It is truly a time for you to focus on yourself. My friends who don’t live in the area say they wish they had “a Tina” to challenge and push them. For those of us who do have Tina, we are lucky to have someone with such passion for helping others. She is a motivating coach and a compassionate teacher who works to keep herself, her clients and her studio growing and stretching to reach their goals.”

~Sally, Jackson, MI

As a dancer and actor who is no longer young, Pilates has helped me immeasurably. I have been engaging in Pilates for approximately 4 years, both group classes & individual private sessions. The private sessions with Tina has enhanced my awareness of how my body works. My hunches about my body have been affirmed by Tina’s observations and corrections. Now when I perform I am stronger, I have more confidence and I better balance. A few months ago I had tripped and fell. Usually individuals my age would have broken something. I did not. A few scraps and bruises. I feel deeply that it is because of my practice of Pilates I did not seriously hurt myself.

~Pat Byler, Jackson, MI

I started Pilates about 8 years ago. In less than a year I noticed I was not only much stronger and had great endurance for everyday activities, but for hiking out in the mountains as well. In fact, I took up backpacking at the age of 47. I am also more flexible due to all the stretching. After a few years, much to my surprise at a doctor’s appointment I found I had “grown” an inch. At a time when some women start shrinking due to vertebral compression, I was elongating my spine. I love Pilates so much and believe in it so strongly that 3 years ago I became a certified instructor myself.

~Ken Laymen, Jackson, MI

I just read a great quote that reminded me of you and everything you do;
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause of prevention of disease.” Thomas A Edison (1847-1931)
Thanks for all you do!!

~Michelle Deer, Jackson, MI

I came to Tina at Purely Pilates out of my love for Pilates. I have been practicing for 7 years now & I am addicted. Tina, is very energetic and knowledgeable which makes my time with her enjoyable. I highly recommend the personal sessions, the one on one attention (she gives) allows you the ability to learn the proper way to preform the excersie, and once the proper form has been adapted, Tina’s mat classes are great.

~Cheryll S, Jackson, MI

I started working with Tina because I had lost strength and flexibility. I felt like I was 80 rather than 60 years old. I had just battle with breast cancer, chemo-therapy treatments, and had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My immune system was compromised and I was frequently ill. I needed to find an exercise program that wouldn’t leave me in more pain than I started with. I was looking for an instructor that was sensitive & understanding of my needs (someone that understood the human body and movement, so I would not hurt myself trying to get my body back). I needed a nurturing environment where I wouldn’t feel self conscious about the pathetic state my body was in. After working with Tina for about 14 months, I feel stronger, I have more energy to do things, I am not sick all the time and I am able to move my body with less pain. I was so proud that my last bone density test was higher than my previous test. My doctor told me that it was unusual at my age and what I have been through. Instead of “losing ground” I have been gaining back steadily. I truly feel like a new woman and I have Tina to thank. She has this intuitive sense of exactly what my body needs.

~BJ Smith, Jackson, MI

“The level of service at Purley Pilates is fantastic. Having been a client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

~Kelly Froedtert

“I have been a client of Tina’s for the past two years and was recommended by a co-worker. I can honestly say that my lower back pain has greatly been reduced through the techniques learned at Purely Pilates. Through my personal training sessions, I became increasingly aware of habits that I had developed overtime that hindered my overall health. I have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility. Tina is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to her clients. Her studio is state of the art, comfortable and welcoming. Purely Pilates is a great place to work your mind and body.”